Permission to be off Center

Listen to a quick update from TEDxFortWayne alumni, Rebecca Hession, about her plans to launch a Charter School “Montessori Leadership Academy” and evangelize a large group of educators in Texas this summer.

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What Others Have Said

TEDxFortWayne was able to evoke emotion, develop inspiration, and challenge action to the level that I thought was only possible from TED Talks online.


It packed more punch than I was expecting. The quality of the speakers were better than I expected.


I wanted to say how much I enjoyed being at the TEDx event this past Saturday. Thanks for inviting me to speak – and for giving me the opportunity to attend and listen. I wish I could have stayed the entire day, but want you to know that the program was one of the best, most energizing 4+ hours I have spent in a long time! I’ve told several people since Saturday, including the Mayor, that they need to attend next year.

Mark D. Becker, Deputy Mayor
City of Fort Wayne

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